My name is Al. I am a creative freelance web designer/developer and seasoned marketer. In my free time I like to crochet, spend time outside, and pretend to use my ab roller. But I'm on cloud 9 when I get to create cool digital things! Contact me below if you need a website that makes you stand out and check out some of my other websites I've designed below in the mean time! 

laura thapthimkuna

Laura Thapthimkuna: A Woman In Fashion-Tech

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After moving back to America, I transitioned from doing non-exclusive modeling work in Taiwan to signing with an agency in the Cleveland/Pittsburgh area. The work is a little different than what’s in my portfolio — with it being more commercialized for brands like American Eagle and car dealerships. However, I was beyond euphoric when I found out that a tech convention was coming to town and one of the featured 3D fashion designers liked my face enough to feature me in the catwalk wearing one of her pieces...


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